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A Touch of Class

“A Touch of Class showcases the boyish sexiness of the hot blooded Italian Vince. His father is out of town, leaving Vince in charge of the family limousine company. Boys will be boys, and what an opportunity this is! The son decides to recruit cute young men to work for the business, personally interviewing them at his home and cruising the streets for tender young meat! Vince catches tantalizing Louisiana garage boy Kyle playing with his cock in the backseat of a limo. Kyle is led to the bedroom for an extended training session on how to properly give a top-rate polish job.

Head chauffeur Robert seduces hitchhiker Tim with his strikingly large un-cut cock. A twist of fate leaves two chauffeur hopefuls alone to explore each other’s real qualifications. Tim and Jerry soon discover there is more than just one garage to park in. Vince and Tony wind down after a hard day of three wheeling. The juices start flowing as these two Italian boys cum together. Robert and Vince’s long term lust finally gets a green light as Robert shows that he can drive more than just a limo. Their budding passion blossoms to its fullest extent in a shower of pleasure. Don’t be left out of this class act!”