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The Good Samaritan

Charles (Roman Todd) is a fastidious and enigmatic man with a penchant to help and do good, especially when it comes to offering respite to transient people. When he sees Jude (Alpha Wolfe) on the street, he knows he wants to bring him home. Jude is suspicious of the offer, but it is better than the alternative. When Jude goes home with Charles, he’s not sure what to expect, but he surely doesn’t expect what he gets. Rick Johnson (Jkab Ethan Dale) is a world-famous action star and he knows people are eager to be in his presence but that doesn’t stop him from being lonely. The problem is that he doesn’t know how to have relationships with people. When the sadistic star meets extra Michael Bryant (Jay Tee) on set, he coaxes Michael into fucking him while degrading him and his ambitions.