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After winning a game of lacrosse, Aiden Ward, Xavier Ryan and Timber Harvest get ready to blow off some steam with a night out on the town. They play tourist, checking out the sites in Vegas, especially the water show at the Bellagio. Then it’s on to a bit of dancing at a local club. Except the rush of winning their game has left extra testosterone in their veins and pent-up cum in their balls. So what’s a winning three to do when they get back home and still need to release more steam? A game as old as time — cock-in-hole — and there is none finer! Aiden and Timber start making out while Xavier looks on. But never fear. Timber doesn’t leave Xavier to his own devices, making out with him as well, as Aiden rims Timber’s ass. Then, while Aiden and Xavier make out, Timber drops to his knees and sucks them both. Timber ends up exactly where he wants to be, in the middle, spit-roasted and bareback fucked — first by Aiden and then by Xavier — and coated in three very large loads of fresh, young cum!

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Daniel Hausser visits Justin Cross for practice. Except Justin isn’t ready. And he doesn’t really give a fuck because, according to him, he’s going to fuck Daniel anyway. Well… with an opening line like that who can refuse? The dark-haired, hunk-like twink starts making out with Daniel, and the adorable hottie soon takes off his clothes to reveal a luscious ass, framed by a jockstrap with mouth-watering effect. Daniel sucks Justin then gets his face fucked by his hung playmate. The eager blond ends up straddling Justin and taking every inch of his shaft before going for what could very well be the ride of his life! When Justin takes over, however, he digs deeper, pounding the twink so hard it looks like the sofa might collapse. And when Daniel flips, to be fucked doggy, the cock hungry bottom arches his back and lets out incredible sounds of lust. Justin splatters jizz all over the freshly fucked ass, and soon after, Daniel whips out a load of his own.