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Hung Twinks 5

New blond boy Marcel Boyle is enjoying the sights with handsome young guide Kaleb Cross when a sudden change in the weather encourages them to seek a place to warm up. Thankfully Kaleb knows how the locals deal with the harsh weather and as soon as they get inside he’s enticing his young tourist friend into some much-needed BoyFun. With a little making out Marcel is soon discovering the incredibly long and thick cock his new friend has stashed in his pants, it’s not behind denim for long and quickly makes its way between the blond boy’s eager lips. Not many boys can truly pleasure a cock of such impressive proportions, but with dedicated greed, the smooth and fit tourist shows he has what it takes. Soon enough both boys are naked, their cocks wet and dripping pre, with Kaleb slurping and wanking his guest and preparing him for what’s to come once they head to the bedroom. If Marcel has shown his skill about sucking that huge young cock he’s impressing even more when he eases his tight little pucker down on that naked tool, riding Kaleb on the bed, taking his awesome girth from behind and above until his dick is bursting hot semen all over his gorgeous young body. With his balls emptied all that remains is to enjoy a local delicacy, a spurting mess of cum erupting from Kaleb’s incredible pink meat all over his face and in his waiting mouth. No doubt Kaleb will be getting a lot more tourists calling him for some sightseeing once the word gets out.

Handsome boy Finn Harper is doing it for the gram at the start of this BoyFun video, taking some selfies around town and honing his skills at finding good locations. If we’re honest any photo of this sexy young guy would be worth enjoying, but I think we all know he’s hottest when his rigid uncut cock is out. He has a friend to help us get to that, returning home to find Ben Kingston waiting for him, a lovely little blond twink who knows how to judge his photographic skills. It seems the young man is most definitely on our wavelength, he knows Finn is hotter with his dick out too and he wastes no time in making that happen. With boners to be slurped the two smooth young friends swap their wet prongs in a delicious session of mutual dick sucking, with handsome Finn getting his fill of his friend’s delicious dong and enjoying the pleasure of Ben’s experienced mouth on his steely nob. It could have been a glorious afternoon of mutual oral to get those loads gushing but Ben is determined to get that dick in his raw hole and offer Finn certainly isn’t inclined to deny. The boy eases down to take a ride on the stiff young dick, his bulging penis dancing around while he enjoys the pleasure his pal is delivering. Some deep pumps with Ben on his back lead them to the floor where the intense bareback spooning has the lad slinging his glorious cream over the rug, the intensity of his climax bringing Finn to his own rubbed out the explosion, finishing with a slick injection of the boy’s gooey cock right back into the boy’s hole. Ben should go with him to take some hotter selfies next time, although those probably won’t be suitable for Instagram.

Jake Olsen is famed for his long twink cock and the big swollen helmet at the end of it. It’s not the kind of dick a young man like him can hide very well, especially in little shorts like the ones he likes to wear when he’s on his daily run. In truth, he’s found a few new friends thanks to his dick slipping out, but today it seems the park is empty and the chances of picking someone up for some BoyFun are slim. It’s okay, Jake knows his roommate Mike Branco is home and after a quick shower, he’s back in his shorts ready to go and tempt the blond boy into something hot and steamy. It doesn’t take much at all. With his shorts back on he visits his friend’s room and within moments his tasty length is spilling out of the leg hole. Mike isn’t the kind of boy to turn down such a brazen opportunity and while he gets to work sucking on that delicious long twink cock we have to wonder why Jake was hoping for a pick-up in the park when he’s got such an affable friend at home. Mike’s equally impressive young cock is just as delicious, something Jake knows all too well as he worships his friend’s inches, working his way around to probe between Mike’s ass cheeks. With a little lapping of the boy’s hole, Jake’s cock is replacing his tongue, prodding deep and raw, fucking his roommate in a very sensual spooning. Mike’s cock loves it, even more, when he’s riding his friend, his big pink shaft bouncing around between his thighs while he slides up and down on the long twink meat. His friend can drive that bareback cock even deeper when he’s on his back, poking his prostate perfectly and encouraging his pal to a cum gushing climax that leaves Mike’s stomach bathed in milky cream. The smell and sight of his buddy’s juicy release are all young Jake needs. Moments later he’s glazing the cute boy’s face with the gooey warm mess erupting from his long member. Maybe next time Jake will find a new friend to bring back from the park for a threesome?

Some guys appreciate experience in a lover, but it can be a lot of fun to teach a sexy young man how to enjoy cock for the first time. Nineteen-year-old George Hart is just exploring things, but with a friend like Andy Ford to help show him the ways of BoyFun we know it won’t be long until he’s teaching other curious boys like him, too. With some good timing, George catches his roommate Andy exploring his new masturbator, his long twink cock pumping in and out of the fleshy hole. Of course, he’s curious, and he’s probably wondering what that toy might feel like on his cock, but he’s about to get a whole lot more than he might have expected. Once caught spying the timid boy is invited in and with a quick grope of Andy’s big uncut dick he’s seemingly persuaded. His own thicker cock is soon out for Andy to taste and it marks the start of the boy’s curious exploration. With his penis wet and throbbing he dares to get a tentative taste of Andy’s gorgeous tool and he seems to like it. Then again, most boys do. George might be virginal in his sexual experience but Andy knows how to truly break a boy in easy and slow, taking aim at the pale twink’s super tight little pucker and easing inside. He doesn’t go all the way to start, his cock is just too big for a new boy like George, but with some good bareback prodding he gives the boy some inches and slowly works in a little more. The spooning and missionary positions certainly help get more of that big raw dick inside his tight little hole and soon the pleasure is just too much to stand. Andy wanks his dick in the boy’s face, finally getting his urgent cum load splashing over the cute boy’s face and giving him his first sperm baptism. With one gooey mess pumped free, it’s time for Andy to steal the cum from his buddy’s cock, sucking the splooge from George’s tender tip. Next time young George won’t be so shy when he catches a boy with his cock in his hand.