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Kyle Wyncrest wants to fuck his stepbrother Asher Day in their parents’ bed. But that’s insane! Right? Or… can it lead to the perfect sex? Masyn Thorne and Luca Amborse have recently become stepbrothers, so they know almost nothing about each other. So, when Masyn finds out that Luca is gay, Masyn is excited. He has So many questions. But Luca’s way of answering them is a bit… unorthodox. Will Masyn get all of his questions answered? Or will Luca leave him hanging? The youth of today will do anything for likes, and this ballsy stepson is no different. Nick Floyd decides to adorn his graduation robe without any clothing underneath only to embarrass his family by exposing his naked aroused cock to the entire graduating class and their loved ones. Initially elated with pride for his valedictorian stepson and now mortified, Stepdad Roman drags Nick home to… scold him. Carter Woods and his step-brother Grant Ducati have always gotten along well. Carter’s been off at medical school for an entire year and Grant has missed him a ton, so he’s really excited to spend some time with him while he’s home on break. Unfortunately, Carter’s attention has been on other people, so Grant will have to do something drastic on his final night home to get Carter to notice him.